The Lyon That’s in Love With The Cam (Written January 21st, published on the 24th)

Hey everyone, Claire here!  I’m currently typing this secretly on my iMac, careful to not press the keys too hard.  My blue flannel pj’s are chocking me at the moment so I’m typing with one hand to undo a button.  My parents think I’m asleep, which is why I have to be quiet.

The Lyon Household

6 : 23 p.m.

Monday, January 21, 2013

“Where ya going Claire?” my mom asks, placing a casserole on the table, “not staying for dinner?”

Slime casserole? No thanks.  I think, glancing at the spinach concoction.  “Uh, no.  Cam’s taking me to Slice of Heaven tonight.”

“Lucky,” Todd mutters, staring at his plate of goop.

“Todd…”  my dad mutters back, forcing a spoonful into his normally eager mouth.

“Jay, when you’re done you can have another plate since Claire won’t be eating.  It’s a new recipe I tried.  Marcy says it’s delicious…”  I hear my mom say as I stroll out the door.

I grab my bike and get on it.  Glad I wore shorts under this dress.  I think to my self, starting to peddle.

At Slice of Heaven in the Westchester, Cam is waiting for me.

“Hey Cam, sorry I’m late, my parents wanted me to stay for dinner and all that,” I say, kissing his cheek before sitting down across from him in the booth.

“No prob, I wasn’t waiting long, and I already ordered our pizza,”  he says.

 We talk about our classes and eat our pizza for a while.  He pays and we stroll the Westchester for a while, ultimately ending up in the candy shop, Sugar Heaven, that opened last week.  We made our trip to the gummy and sour section and got a big old bag of sour worms.

So I must get to bed now my dear reader.  But first, I have a poll.  I luh-v x10 Chloe Grace Moretz, but I’ve been looking at other FC’s.

45 Views For My Next Post!

Chao For Now -C


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