I Spy With My Blue Eyes, Something Faux

I sit at my desk and blow dry my newly dyed honey blonde hair.  I was with Massie when she went to get her touch-ups and Jakkob insisted he let me do my hair.  My parents were kinda freaked at first when I left with white-blonde hair and came back with honey-blonde, but after a little while, they’ve grown to like it.

I turn off the blowdryer and pull my hair into a high pony.  In my mirror, I catch a glimpse of Layne walking out of her house… with Lindsey and Olivia.  I roll my eyes at them and feel sorry for the baby Olivia’s holding the wrong way.  They look different.  Layne is dressed like a mannequin from The Westchester rather than decked out in Salvation Army.  Lindsey is mix of boho chic and Ralph Lauren, and carrying a leash to a small yorkie, just like Alicia does.  Olivia traded in her knock-off clothes for Alice + Olivia and her wavy hair for curls, like Dylan.  Layne has on H&M with a touch of Roxy, like Kristen.  I take out my iPhone 4S (Massie hand-me-down) and snap a picture of them walking down the street, laughing with each other.

*Photo Sent*

Massie: So that’s her plan.

Alicia:  Recreate?

Dylan:  Pshh, Leesh, you’re the only one who can pull off that look.

Kristen:  Missing a Massie…

Massie: Hunny, I’m a one-of-a-kind 😉

Claire:  Point is, they’re going down.

I turn off my phone and toss it on my fuchsia duvet (Thanks Dyl!).  I pray to gawd they don’t think I have a plan because I don’t.

Nathan walks into my room.  You remember how small he was a few years ago?  Gone.  He’s 5’8″ now and still growing.  I don’t get it.  He’s only thirteen.  And he’s getting muscles.

“Get out of my room Nathan.”  One thing good about that, I don’t feel like I have to speak in a soft voice around him anymore.

He stares at me for about ten seconds before leaving, like he had a delayed hearing problem.


Sorry For The Short Post!

Chao For Now -C


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