About Me!

Hey, I’m Claire Verified, or Official Claire,  I go by both.  I currently reside in Westchester County in New York and I’m a freshman at Westchester Private.

I am the omega of an ex-cuh-lusive group; The Pretty Committee.  The PC consists of Massie, the alpha, Alicia, the beta, Dylan, the  gamma, Kristen, the delta, and me, Claire Stacey Lyons.

I started acting at an early age, at first in school plays.  In the seventh grade, I starred in Dial L For Loser as the lead.  In Dial L, I was listed as Claire Lyons and people think that (along with the Clique movie) was the only movie I was in, but I’ve been in a lot.  I was a child actor.

I am in luh-v with the ah-mazing Cam Fisher, one of the A-list soccer players at Briarwood.  He has black hair (yes, he dyed it back) and different colored eyes.

I’m known as the sweet one of the group, and I am… as long as you’re not being a witch (switch that letter to a capital B for me).

People seem to think I’m still that 7th grade child they saw in The Clique.  I am NAWT!  I’ve grown up and people (sooner or later) are going to have to accept that.  I mean, I’m fourteen now.  I was 12 at the time.

People who know me, or have heard of me, know I loved keds when I was like, twelve.  I was even a spokesperson for them before I moved.  Now I’m so into converse.  Mass thinks they’re better, but’d wish I’d wear heels more often.

Chao for Now -C


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